Under Construction. This page will tell you about me and my blog.

Snow in a Teapot, is a random compilation of the wonderful designs, crafts and art works which litter the internet.

I'm not an authority, I'm a lapsed jewellery designer and maker who qualified a year before this blog existed. By day, I work in an opticians and then spend the rest of my time making things and trying to work out how to make that into a career. The truth is, I love to make things, it makes me happy and even when it leads to its own stresses, the act of making something with my hands is the only thing that seems natural to me and I find relaxing.

So why start this blog? I just love scouring the net for interesting ideas for things to make and inspire me. A tutor at university told me, "be passionate, it sustains you" and in some ways I started this blog to look for just that. The passion which would spark my creativity and allow me to become a creative designer again, by blogging those pieces of inspiration which I found.

Whether that was jewellery and silversmithing; homewares and architecture; textiles and clothing or the infinite offerings in between. Inspiration can come from anywhere and at any time and if in some small way I help another designer or crafter to try something new as I research my own way out of self-inflicted designers block, then I have achieved something good.

Along with posting the work of other designers, I will be posting a few snippets of my own designs, my work as a window dresser and some musical interludes.

Welcome and enjoy!

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