Friday, 5 February 2010

Pom Poms!

I had an urge this evening to make pom poms. I saw someone on TV wearing a pom pom necklace and I couldn't resist whipping out the old wool bag and a bit of cardboard. It turned out as a bright red fluffy red nose sized pom, but this is my favourite. Made during a textiles module in 2nd year uni out of strips of white cotton and scraps of beautiful flame yarn which I pinched off my mum and can't afford to by for myself.

I wanted to post a picture of Anna Osmer Andersen's Belt Pom-Pom to show how contemporary jewellery use traditional methods, but I can't find a picture. Which is a shame. However, I think I've got an idea for a window for work. Need to consult the boss lady first though.


Louise said...

You're going to have me making these things aren't you!

Emily said...

YES! But I found an easy version made out of tissue paper, so don't worry :) x

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