Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I'm kicking myself a little tonight, I logged on to blog something sweet I found on Folksy (will do after this) and having previously switched on comment moderation so that I would know when/if someone commented on any of my posts I was absolutely delighted to find a new message. Except I think I've got a slight trigger finger issue.

Therefore I got a nice comment, have no idea which post it was for and I've managed to delete it like a complete fool!

So this is just a quick message to apologies to Photopuddle for deleting your post.

Sorry! Shall try not to do it again...

...unless anyone's mean then I reserve the right to censor your arses!



PhotoPuddle said...

Whoops, that's the sort of thing I'd do and then be very annoyed with myself for ages!

I can't remember what I wrote but I do remember saying something about that fantastic cakewich tin!

Emily said...

It really annoys me when that stuff happens too, especially as this blog hasn't been going long! So when someone new says something nice, it's horrible to have deleted it... I then feel immediate guilt!

The cakewich tin is amazing! I'm not thrilled about the idea of spending £20 on an oddly shaped cake tin, but I don't think I resist it. :)

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