Thursday, 6 May 2010


Here is the first of the random things I've pinned to my Chrome window this week intening to blog. Nothing particularly deep, given it's Election day I've had enough of party political broadcasts and trying to make up my mind which out of "Mr. Grumpy and the Smoothy Brothers," (Times Online) or indeed the various other parties I should vote for. Let's face it, most people are going to come out of the voting booth feeling ever so slightly grubby today.

Therefore to get past the grubby feeling let me start these posts with something very pretty from Ban.dō.
"Making fun for our heads," Ban.dō specialise in exotic and extravagantly decorated headbands and if you have beautiful hair like Alison Sudol (from A Fine Frenzy) they are the perfect accessory for making a bold statement. Designed by Jen and Jamie the three headband lines focus on delicate florals, feathery 1920's inspired exotica and contemporary pop culture designs which focus on sequined hearts, bows and colourful and even come with their own hiaku:

"Ban.dō love's fashion,
Dare to be adorable,
Candy for your hair."

Fascinators & hair accessories are something I've considered starting to try and design, this is thanks to a few pieces I've been making which could be adapted into such items and my little sisters continuous nagging for me to make her a hair band/slide/clip because she doesn't wear jewellery. Unfortunately, I have a fascination with fascinators but I'm too chicken to wear them!

via and my friends Fe & Cicely

Listening: A Fine Frenzy - Whisper

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