Monday, 27 September 2010

Monday Mood Board: Early Autumn

Row 1: August '10 by Anthropologie, Miss August by Sebian
Row 2: October by Cedarkayak
Row 3: I Miss Winter, Flickr, If I Can [...] by Chantel Baggley

I think it's pretty much time to dig out the scarves, throw a quilt on your bed and retrieve the heater for the workshop. Autumn has arrived and there's a distinct chill in the air. Isn't it nice?

What? I like Autumn and Winter, it's pretty and I get to wear a hat!

Apologies for the lack of September posts, I blame illness and my designers block spilling over into blog block. There should have at least been a new macaroon post by now but I'm on disastrous batch number two and they may be edible, but they're not photogenic and if they think they're getting butter icing they're very much mistaken!


Kam Chan said...

I love autumn! It's my favourite season- the chill in the air, cosy in woolens and blankets, hot drinks and bisuits, the changing colours... all good things!

Hope all is well xxx

PhotoPuddle said...

Welcome back. Have missed your blog. I really do love autumn in theory, I just really don't like the cold.

Emily said...

Definitely good things! Hope all is well with you too Kam & the new job is going well. xxx

Auw you're so sweet, that's really cheered me up :) See I'm a fan of the cold, I don't mind summer - sunshine is lovely & everything's very pretty - but I hate being too hot. And I've always been one for the "easier to heat up than cool down" theory. Plus I love winter clothes and despite the huge amount we had last year, I love snow! :D x

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