Monday, 11 October 2010

Monday Mood Board: Berry Reds

Row 1: Emily & Zooey Deschanel via l'atelier, Amelie Poulain. by *t0x1c-doLLy,
Red Trip by ~perhydrol
Row 2: Daisies by RayznPhotography, You Must Remember This [...] by ImagineCreate

Louise & I went shopping last week, I was in desperate need of non-holey jeans and a pair of scuffing about shoes that didn't have a hole scuffed in the toe, which would then let the rouge from polishing through to my tootsies - teach me to buy cheapies which don't like getting rained on.

This is the season I like shopping for clothes, when all the autumnal colours come in to the shops along with the Christmassy reds and greens. The fair-isle comes out and the boots and long jumpers appear. But other than in winter hats and one t-shirt, I was at a loss to see anything in the beautiful berry reds that I love. Maybe it's just that I didn't notice them, or didn't go into the right shops, but I am hoping more comes into the shops, it's such a pretty colour.

I'm a little obsessed with this colour for a few reasons, firstly, it's a colour I get told I really suit, which is nice. It's also one that I'm always looking for a lipstick in the right shade and it makes me feel all autumnal and in desperate need of a change. I've been thinking about changing my hair colour and I've been loving the colour of the girl in the photo above (Daisies). So this morning I went from my normal brunette to a dark cherry red which other than being a little darker and having a nice red sheen isn't that much of a difference.

If I'm honest, I'm just filling time until I get my hair cut, it's been two years since I had it chopped - I know, shocking isn't it? Last time I had it chopped it was as short as the girl in Daisies, now it's about as long as the Deschanel girls. It has also been 3 since the last of my pink streak got cut out. So, next time I get it cut, I'm planning on bringing back my streak. Can't wait!

Might even go Berry Red...

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Listening: My Vitriol - Ode To The Red Queen


PhotoPuddle said...

I love this dark red colour. My bridemaids wore that colour when I got married and I was very jealous. I wanted it for myself!

Emily said...

What lucky bridesmaids! I thought the idea of bridesmaids dresses was to make the bride look even more beautiful by making her friends look worst?

hehe, I have a bit of an evil streak ;) x

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