Thursday, 9 December 2010

Christmas Window 2010

So here it is, finally after 9 months of jibbering on about knitting and planning etc and this is what it amounts too.

I decided just to edit the photographs I had from the night we installed the window, which is annoying because it was too dark to get really decent quality, but until I can get a chance to take some more I'm afraid these are it.

What do you think?

I knitted the base (5 metres of random knit using size 7, 9 and 10 needles), also the bows for the parcels (which I am considering making more to sell at some point), crackers were knitted both by hand and machine with the aid of my mum, my little sister Louise & both my it's been a real family effort.

Not that installing it was that fun. Nine to five without breakfast, lunch and only a couple of bottles of water and a migraine to aid us is not something I'd recommend.

Louise and I hung swags of cracker bunting all over the morning and lunch, after having taken a couple of hours to empty out our mushroom window out, and it only took ten minutes after everyone else returned from lunch that it looked, well, the only polite word is shoddy. I don't know whether it was the string or just the haphazard layering, but it didn't look good and after spending all this time knitting and planning the last thing we wanted was a bad window. So we cut them all off and arranged them hanging down in lengths going from cream, through the rainbow to red. Which is ten times better!

Over our first snowy weekend mum and I also wrapped old glasses in wool (another window coming with that in the future) and mum has knitted & embroidered a cat which, as I finish this post I am taking the odd minute to knit a collar for - or rather reknit, apparently the purple one I knitted wasn't right, and a golden ecru colour would be more fitting. Teach her to have a sleep when I was deciding the colour! Anyway, it should go in on Saturday.

Only regret is that we didn't have more shiny or glittery things, we'd intended to add some on the Tuesday after Snowmageddon began, but were scuppered, so mum's going to try and add some in today - if it comes to it I'm going in and spraying the whole bloody thing with spray glitter! Used to love that stuff!

It's a shame the windows in Carnoustie & Broughty Ferry won't get done now, but, Blair's the important one, and next year they'll get the cracker window in at least one of them.

And already have a few new window ideas and some ideas for next Christmas - hopefully some that won't take from March to accomplish.

Definitely insane for that one!

Listening: Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed

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