Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Monday Mood Board: Peach, Gold & Teal

Row 1: Home is Where the Bag is by Jo Meesters via Velvet Palette,
Origami by Calexico7,
Row 2: Iridescent and Bronze Glitter via Pinterest,
Sparkles via Bijou and Boheme

Admittedly I was at a bit of a loss for inspiration for Monday's mood board*. I've been trying to give myself a more inspiring space, i.e. I've been tidying/rejigging my room so I can actually think rather than just switch off to ignore the mess. So initially, as I'd resurrected my lava lamp, I considered basing a board on a Bokeh photo of the glitter lava lamp variety, thus explaining the two images at the bottom. The lamp image however looked rubbish in the mix, so I decided on what we have, Peach, Gold and Teal. An odd mix perhaps, but it's actually quite a pretty combination.

You may have noticed these mood board are all rather colour based. I've always been kind of obsessed with colour. Maybe it's the dyslexics hatred of black and white, or the fact that I am drawn to the bright colours, but it's always something my jewellery has lacked. Despite resins and enamels being an option, I've never really embrace my colourful side. So maybe these will give me a little incentive.

I also love the image of Confetti System's studio, the photos I've seen of it - a few I may post once I've lurked around their site a bit - show a really busy, bright and joy filled studio. Which reminds me of uni. Apart from the fact that it's missing the panic, but I'm almost certain it's there. It's the kind of studio I would like to work it, so maybe I need to go into full on window design or making decorations.

Sorry for being a bit lacklustre again, like I said I've been trying to sort my room and the most progress I make, the more mess I'm making. Plus windows and more knitting for more windows. Fun.

Listening: Howie Day - Collide (Acoustic Version)

*Incidentally, I keep calling them Monday Mood boards even on Tuesday or Wednesday purely so if someone searches for them on here they'll all appear. Also it means that my LinkWithin widget actually groups four of them at the bottom which looks pretty. When I don't add the Monday they don't appear. Which shouldn't bother me but it does a bit.

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