Saturday, 8 January 2011

Not On The Walls

When I was little I was given two books, one called "Emily's Paintbox" the other "Emily & the Purple Paint". Both you can probably deduce involve little girls called Emily who like paint and you just know that that can only spell trouble.

In Emily's Paintbox, Emily goes around painting everything! Walls, houses, trees, animals and then decides when everything else is done, to mix all the colours together and paint the sun black. And everything goes dark until it begins to rain.

In Emily and the Purple paint a similar plot line occurs. Emily doesn't want to go to nursery school, but is interested in the paint the other children are playing with. So mummy makes red, yellow and blue paint and Emily decides to mix them into a beautiful purple colour...then mummy turns her back for a little too long and a trail of incriminating hand, feet and nose prints lead to Emily who now can't get the purple off her nose.

The reason I bring these up is that the moral of the stories is that you shouldn't paint where you're not supposed to. So this Slastic Coat Rack allows us as adults to disregard the moral, as well as everything our mothers once told us not too when it comes to drawing on the walls. Designed by Ana Mir and Emili Padros for Made in Design, every time to deposit a piece of clothing or a bag onto the coat rack another series of pencil markings are made on the wall, the weight of the item obviously determining the spread of the design.

But if you have kids...wouldn't this encourage them to draw on the walls?

Just a thought.

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