Monday, 16 May 2011

Dear Blogger...

Please can I have my last post back?

It's title was "Every Cloud has a Neon Lining" (posted Thursday night I think) and I don't mind waiting, sometimes software & updates go wrong, I understand that. However, two days ago you claimed nearly all the lost posts had been returned and 5 hours ago you said things were pretty much back to normal for everyone, but my post & comments are still MIA.

It's not a big post, a hundred words or so at most and three or four pictures, but it would be nice if it was returned since I've been patient about it.

So, if any of the blogger staff notice this, can you at least tell me if it's out there, or do I have to go through my history and find all my links again? Please. I really don't want to have to search through my history, it's confusing in there!

The posts safe return would be very much appreciated.


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