Sunday, 22 September 2013


To answer your question David...of course I will!

They're not always the most forthcoming of blog posts...the rhyme scheme often drives me barmy around the same time of the season that there's twelve million other things needing done at home and work, however, it's also one of my favourite parts of the year. So in short, yes, I will be doing my 12 days again (I've already started working one out in fact!)

I know my blog has been quiet, for a long while now. In fact now I look back I haven't posted since the end of April, which is appalling, but between my inability to get out of this down mood, hurting my back again and being on holiday cover since May/June I've let my blog go by the waysides.

This is something I really hate. When my sister's really down, she posts anything and everything to her blog. Books she's read, music she's listening too, art she's seen and television and geekery she loves, but when I go down that sink hole, I clam up. I can't write, or when I do, I save or delete the entries because I'm convinced they're not good enough, or will be considered silly or inconsequential, or I'll seem like I'm a whinge if I talk too much about being down.

Daft thing is, I have a drafts board which is pages long, I have bookmarks and pins to blog about, window display photos to post, my latest obsession of seed saving to tell you about and colour shots/mood boards all ready to go, but I can't post them...

Isn't that silly? Having them there, but not feeling confident enough to post to place where the readers have elected to follow me and the idea is to post all those things that I come across and want to share.

I want to get better, so if I don't post before then, I promise...I whole heartedly promise, I will give you twelve days of Christmas. So watch this space and on the 25th of December, if I haven't already, I will begin again and we'll take it from there.

Em x

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David said...

Hi Emily

I didn't expect a blog entry to answer my question. That was a lovely surprise. I'm so glad you're still intending to do another 12 days. It was one of my favourite things about last Christmas.

I don't think it's silly at all, feeling the way you do about posting to your blog. I'd feel the same way. And I think it's nice that you take so much care over what you post. I think people can really tell that you've put a lot of thought into it.

I know you said you're very quiet when you're feeling down, but I'd like you to know that I visit your page quite often so if you ever need someone to talk to, about anything...well, I don't know how to finish my sentences but I hope you know what I mean.

And you don't need to feel like you're letting people down by not posting here very often. I'm sorry if I'm making you feel that way. Because you're not letting anyone down. I just wanted you to know that I really liked 12 Days. Very much indeed.

Finally, I know this was a while ago, but I just wanted to say that the underwater window display is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. I can hardly believe that it was all handmade. It looks incredible!

Take care


Louise said...

Excuse me while i dance like Elmo.

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