Monday, 30 December 2013

On the 6th Day of Christmas...

...this blogger gave to thee...

...six party dress...
...five gold rings!..
...four fancy fish...
...three granulations...
...two bits of wood...
...and a calendar made of tea.


This how my big sister has been referring to this particular day, whilst bouncing up and down and taking over my internet browser to find dresses-dresses-dresses.

But why is it on dresses-dresses-dresses day, my computer has a massive freak out which means I'm not going to get this published until ridiculous o'clock? It's my own fault, I was preparing the post last night and decide to switch out one of the dresses I love, because it would have meant having two dresses from one designer. This of course meant I was having a little look for an alternative...which is when Chrome froze and I then spent until 3am trying to get it working! My own fault, I had too many windows open, but it's annoying, I was also out this morning and then when I got my computer on, had to restart everything and start again, including putting together all my pictures. Sob.

But here we are, as I type it's twenty past ten in the evening and I am all but ready to post my dream dress list for the 6th Day of's a bit of a homage to the fit and flare this year...aren't the beautiful?

Obsessed. I am obsessed with this dress. I know that it looks relatively plain if you ignore the beautiful colour, but I saw this a photograph of Julia from Glam Meets Girl on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and it's just gorgeous, and these photos don't show the two jewel tone colours to their best, so head to Glam Meets Girl too see them properly.

Ugh, I want this, I want this, I want this, but no such luck. However local haberdasheries be warned, I will be ransacking your shelves for appropriate sequins and bead so I can adulterate a jumper or dress so something because it's so pretty! (This is also one of the culprits from last night, so see a late posting was worth it! I have 45 minutes left to squeak this in before the 7th Day!)
 I'll be very sad when the floral and watercolour prints start to drift out of fashion again. There have been so many beautiful patterns over the past couple of years and this gorgeous Valentino dress is no exception. It's such pretty fabric and such lovely colours.
 I love Modcloth, and the fact that Zooey Deschanel's entire wardrobe in New Girl is obviously from the site. Since I would kill to look/dress like Deschanel, I couldn't very well leave out a dress from Modcloth. When my sisters saw this dress on my (secret blog) Pinterest page, I was bullied into putting it on as they'd seen it and decided it was a must. I hate it to admit it, but they were right.
May I introduce the equivalent of the First Lady of the 6th Day Collection...meaning I saw this first and nearly died thanks to the combination of fit and flare, glitter and Mary Quant style flowers. Okay, that's an over exaggeration, but I think it's beautiful, all it needs is a pair of brightly coloured heels.
Flowers, sequins, fit and flare...sensing a theme this year? I'm nothing if not a creature of habit and these are the dresses, that if I was looking for one to wear, I would have clutched together to take into the changing room.

Hope you like my choices and posted with eleven minutes to spare. Hooray!

Link | Linkah Colour Blocked Dress in Deep Pink from Ted Baker
Link | Coast Enchanted Embellished Dress in Navy from John Lewis from Coast
Link | Red Valentino Floral Print Satin Dress from Harvey Nichols
Link | Well Fancy That Dress from Modcloth
Link | Flower Fluff Prom Dress from Topshop
Link | Parisian Gold Floral Sequin Skater Dress from New Look

Merry Christmas! Part seven tomorrow...

Listening: Snowfall - Ingrid Michaelson


David said...

Happy New Year, Emily.

Emily Boyd said...

Happy New Year to you too :)

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