Sunday, 3 August 2014

Nerdy Love Songs...

Okay, so, for my birthday, I got something special after a rather flippant comment to my dad four days prior to the big day, about how it was something I'd always been interested in. I got a Ukulele.

I know, groan, another sad wannabe hipster with her geeky glasses and a ukulele. But the truth is, I have wanted to learn how to play one since I first say Marilyn Monroe shimming down the aisle of a train playing one, in Some Like it Hot.

I can't remember how old I was, but I know by the time I was in high school it was one of my favourite films. Anyway, I wasn't going to mention it, as I didn't want to come off as someone jumping on the hipster band wagon, also because my past history with instruments is spotty at best, and I would be the first to tell you, I have no natural talent for music. My sisters would be first to confirm this.

Give me fire and metal and I can make you a ring. Give me paper and glue and I can make you a sheep. Needle and thread and a flock of birds shall and an instruments...well anyone who experienced my attempts at violin will understand why I'm too embarrassed to actually play anything I'm learning in front of anyone other than said paper sheep.

They're not judgemental. Though most are still wearing party hats and earmuffs...

Anyway, my admitting this comes after seeing this video:

So not only is Get Lucky by Daft Punk on ukulele immense, I have just regained a bit of my early 2000's crush on Jesse Bradford. I thought that crush was lost forever! But apparently the man just needs a musical instrument.

Who knew?

...oh, and by the way, I shall never be that good!

PS: Promise I will never force you into listening to my attempts at ukulele!
PPS: Why are the lame books always the ones in focus rather than the Shakespeare or the tonne of jewellery books? Why! Damn you Hipstamatic!
Listening: Get Lucky - Daft Punk (covered by Lisa Vitale and Jesse Bradford)


Louise said...

You're the biggest hipster douche i know :)

Emily Boyd said...

Least my geek glasses have a prescription.

FYI: you're cruel and not that unusual

Emily Boyd said...

PS: you have looked at your blog profile pics recently? Definite hipster vibes.

Louise said...

Meh and bleh. Spin on that, suckerrrrr!

Emily Boyd said...

Your insults are getting progressively more eloquent.

Louise Boyd said...

Eloquent as an effulgent elephant.

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