Monday, 5 January 2015

On the 12th Day of Christmas ...

... this blogger gave to thee ...
... eleven genetics portraits ...
... ten flight jackets ...
... nine ceramic sculptures ...
... eight film night picks ...
... seven shoes to choose from ...
... six party frocks ...
... five gold rings! ...
... four private spaces ...
... three things unfired ...
... two little birds ...
... and a corner shop made of felt.

I have a treat this year! I've worked out how not to kill the browser with sound-bytes by using a YouTube playlist! Hurrah! So no more browser bashing posts... that said, I always allow myself twelve tracks as the day would suggest, but then bonus tracks based on the year. I failed this year and couldn't whittle the list down past fifteen (maybe sixteen but I have an explanation for that) and I've missed off a lot of things I loved this year.

Most of this list is actually based on the last few months at work. Around about June, the post/ordering was put downstairs, so I started working exclusively in the lab, and a shift around at work due to a staff member leaving means I spend a lot of my time alone in the basement/lab/office/dungeon. I miss the company of upstairs more, but it has meant I could listened to three novels on tape and complete the book challenge my sister and I had and made two playlists, which I keep adding too, little by little. These are the tracks which I keep returning too...

Spotify Playlist: Snow in a Teapot: 2014

 "Stronger Than Ever" by Raleigh Ritchie

Do you watch Game of Thrones? Even if you have you may not recognised Raleigh Ritchie, aka Jacob Anderson who plays the leader of the Unsullied, Grey Worm, in the series. I have genuinely been obsessed with this song for the past, I don't know how many months and I've been specifically avoiding blogging it for this list.

"I Forgot Where We Were" by Ben Howard

I'm still trying to make my mind up about his new album, but there's something about this song that I really like. Maybe it's the guitar, which is somehow very familiar. Maybe it's the echo pedal.

"Dearly Departed" by Shakey Graves feat. Esme Patterson

Another actor turned musician, Alejandro Rose-Garcia, who my sister knew about because of her obsession with the series Friday Night Lights. I'm still being bullied into watching it, but I needed no encouragement to fall in love with this song. Especially the Spotify Session version from July. It actually sounds better live.

"All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor

Guilty track. Guilty, but actually I don't care, this song makes me happy. Who doesn't like a song that suggests having a big bum is a good thing and that we should be happy with ourselves no matter what size or shape we are? Plus it's fun. Sometimes we need fun songs. Plus, Trainor does an excellent ukulele version...

"Easy Easy" by King Krule/Willow Smith

I will start off by saying I feel slightly queasy for this choice. Not for the song, I love Easy Easy by King Krule, which is the contribution, it's amazing... the part I feel queasy about, is including Willow Smith. However her version of this song is a really, really great cover, so you get two for the price of one via the YouTube playlist.

"v.3005" by Childish Gambino

Bizarre video but what can I expect from the wonderful Troy Barnes. Yes, it's another actor/writer/comedian/musician. Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) is responsible for one of my favourite TV comedy duos (Troy and Abed from Community) and I love how you can almost hear their Spanish Rap creeping in.

"Zombie" by Jamie T

Ahh, the dulcet tones of Jamie T and a song about zombies. I do like zombies.
(Also anyone who screams, "FUCKING CROISSANT!" at the start of a previous song and then does one about zombies gets a place on the list.)

"Younger" by  Seinabo Sey

"I refuse to have you break me when you know you ain't getting any younger." Love. Even the vaguely nineties dance bit towards the end. If you think this song is vaguely familiar but the Swedish singer isn't, it may be because a remix by Kygo, was used by House of Fraser for their Christmas Advert for 2014.

"If I Could Change Your Mind" by Haim

Sibling trio, Haim, were named by the BBC as the Sound of 2013... I really didn't want to like this album. Which is why it took me until 2014 and it being in the car stereo, for me to listen to it properly. Damn it's catchy. Even the incredibly eighties parts are! Damn you BBC I hate it when you're right!

"Down by the River" by Milky Chance

Milky Chance are a German folk-pop duo... I know sod all about them apart from that and the fact that while they're song Stolen Dance did really well, this one barely made it within the top 100... maybe that's why I prefer it.

"The Mother We Share" by Chvrches

Glasgow based electro band, Chvrches, are another band I didn't really listen to when this album was released in 2013. In fact, this was their d├ębut single in 2012, but thanks to the songs use during the Commonwealth Games and how good they are, I'm including them on this list for 2014.

"Hard to Find" by The National

Now, remember last year I said that some very rare songs, you feel in your chest. Everything comes together, your breathing slows, so does your heart a little, your brain switches off and there's just this perfect few minutes where everything stops. This has become one of those songs for me. It was in the car for months and the first time I listened to it, I thought it was dour, but very quickly, I was transfixed. I'd sit in the car for five minutes extra because while it made me kind of sad, it also gave
                      me that tranquil feeling. If you haven't listened to this album, seek it out and listen to it.


"Every Other Freckle" by Alt-J

"Turn you inside out to lick you like a crisp packet." Tell me exactly how you get that line into a song without it sounding ridiculous? They've manage, much in the way Guy Garvey from Elbow can say, "holy cow I love your eyes" and make it sound just right. Still, my love of Alt-J is well know, so it isn't surprising they're on here. Even just as a Bonus.

"Get Up" by Young Father

Mercury Prize winner for 2014 and I had no clue who they were, until I heard Get Up and for some reason it was stored in the old memory banks. (Now I have, "Time for some stories you've deposited in The Memory Bank, The Memory Bank, we're the nice bank would you like to bank with us?"  the A+E: Adam and Edith, BBC 6 Music jingle in my head. Those jingles are seriously deep rooted.)

"As Long As I Got You" by Lily Allen

As a final bonus track (indecision is a bitch) a happy track! Hurray! I have such a soft spot for Lily Allen and this song may not be the most wonderful in the world, but it makes me happy... the video also gives me serious hair envy. But my dad/sisters bought me bleach and pink hair dye before Christmas, we'll see to that.

So, that is it. The twelve days are over for another year, the decorations are coming down tomorrow as I'm still not feeling well and there's the annual debate of whether the decorations come down on the twelfth day or if the twelfth day the last day they're up/on. Doesn't stop it being my least favourite even of the year because I adore fairy lights. I'm seriously considering taking down the tree and leaving the rest.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this years twelve days of Christmas.

Now, for the last time...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you have a good 2015.

Listening: Happy - Pharrell Williams

(What you think I forgot about it?)

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David said...

I hope 2015 turns out good for you too, Emily.

12 Days was fantastic, as always. Definitely going to try and watch all the films you recommended.

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