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Pantone Colour of the Year 2015: Marsala

"Untitled" by Louis Stilling via Serial Thriller
"Papered Pom Poms" from BHDL
'Flower Series' by Christine Enos via Pinterest
"Ballet Slippers' by Unknown via Pinterest

I'm a little late this year, bringing you a post about the colour Pantone has announced as their Colour of the Year and I would have had it to you a week ago, except I have been finding it incredibly hard to find images and items which are the right tone.

The Colour of the Year for 2015, is Marsala 18-1438, a red which is almost a muted burgundy or maroon, but with a slightly brown or even a pink/purple hue to it. However there's also a slight orange tone which is reminiscent of a brick red. I like it, but it's been an awkward one.

It's a really earthy tone in comparison to last year's Radiant Orchid, which was practically luminous, but in the end, how much of it did you see around? Very little. A good muted red will always have a place in fashion and interiors, it's an old faithful which will suit the matte lipstick fashion of the last few years and be used for whole rooms and feature walls alike. My parents living room has been painted a muted wine shade for years, and while it could be too dark or intense in a small space, is actually really warm, rich and comforting. Something I suspect a room painted Radiant Orchid, would not be.

It's an old favourite, the fortified wine shade. "Old wine, is good wine", as Bernard and Manny of Black Books would remind us drunkenly...

Bernard: Old wine is good wine.

Manny: Yes. But… expensive wine is good wine also.

Bernard: Yes. But the older the wine is, the gooder it is.

Manny: Ah. But by the same token, the more expensive the wine is, then the gooder it is also. 
(Black Books, Series One, Episode Three: 'Grapes of Wrath')

Let's see if Pantone's prediction for 2015, is gooder than last years, in its application to the world of trends.

Link | Pantone Colour of the Year 2015: Marsala
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