Saturday, 14 February 2015

Musical Interlude: "Take Me To Church"

The official music video for Hoziers Take Me To Church, wonderfully portrayed the heartbreaking persecution of a man in a homosexual couple, as the community they live in become of aware of his sexuality and their relationship and a violent homophobic backlash begins.

Hozier's Andrew Hozier-Byrne explained: "The song was always about humanity at its most natural, and how that is undermined ceaselessly by religious [organizations] and those who would have us believe they act in its interests. What has been seen growing in Russia is no less than nightmarish, I proposed bringing these themes into the story and Brendan liked the idea." (Huffington Post, 2013)

But this post, is about the latest interpretation of the song, which in many respects portrays the same emotional intensity of the song by means of this beautifully choreographed. shot and epically danced interpretation of the song performed by former principle at the Royal Ballet, Sergei Polunin, who is also known as the bad boy of ballet.

It's one of those videos which, with exception of the actually dancing, is so simple, but is incredible powerful.

Plus. Why would you not want to be able to move like that? With such grace and poise, power and sensitivity.

I finally managed to get to watch this, this morning, and I was awestruck.

I assume most little girls go through the ballet stage, where, even if you don't verbalise it, you want to wear the tutu* and the slippers and twirl. I did and the closest I ever got was Scottish country dancing and getting to borrow my friends old dance shoes, in primary school**. We'd even go to big school competitions and it was fun, dancing with the other girls in my classes. I've since ceased being graceful in any way shape or form. I blame hips, breasts, embarrassment and a complete lack of balance or grace.

*I still have an old dance costume of my grans, which my mum made into a fairy dress for me when I was a little girl. It's tucked away in a box to stay safe.
**It's amazing how high school, hormones and boys stops you wanting to dance in public... that and being as graceful as as something which lacks any grace at all.

Listening: Take Me To Church - Hozier

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