Sunday, 1 February 2015

Pinfest: "Haberdashery: In The Details"

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I have become a secret Pinner.

Bar a couple of attempted clear outs, pretty much everything I've added to my boards for the past year or two, has been to either a secret board, or to my likes list*.

So, I'm trying to go through it all. Meaning, that when I have the thought, "oh I know just the image!" for a particular project, window display, blog post or terrifyingly frequent insert into a conversation, I can actually find it!

I'm not going to apologise for the things I pin, just so you know. I'm an image hoarder, I love pictures, I love photos, I love visual things and so rather than having folders of magazine cuts outs and computer print outs, I have Pinterest. And while there's quite often a psychopathic randomness to my pinning, I'm going to try and do it all board by board in a mass pinning.

First board up for a madman like pinfest... Haberdashery: In the Details**

Which is my board for all those beautiful haute couture, hand sewn, tambour stitched, broderie decorated beautifullness covered in beads, smothered in sequins and absolutely gorgeous...

... I love this board at the moment. Perhaps because I'm going through a sewing kick, or more likely because of the over abundance of sparkly. If you like, have a look, if not, I don't mind. More sparkles for me.

* I stopped pinning due to self conciousness, which sounds insane, but when you go from no one you know being on a site to everyone you know being on and either pinning baby stuff or their own work... well, everything I pinned seemed to just show the lack of anything or anyone in my life. My brain works in mysterious ways and I'm just going to say fuck it and pin what I want.

** Do you say "the Devil is in the detail" or "God is in the detail"? 
I've had this debate on Pinterest before and the actual difference is, if the Devil is in the details, it's referring to the mysterious hidden elements in something that makes it special. If God is in the details, it is done thoroughly and the details are just as important as the whole. The latter phrase is where the former is derived, however, which do you use? Especially when in regards to this sort of intricate work? Just a little question for a Sunday afternoon...
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