Tuesday, 2 June 2015

inner city snails

"No snails were harmed – they just had their homes vandalised."

This is a thing. Some people have taken to painting the shells of snails - using non-toxic paint of course - to help prevent people from accidentally stepping on the poor blighter's. Even thought they eat our nice hosta's and I have no nice feelings towards their naturist cousin, the slug, I quite like snails. I'm not entirely sure why, but I do and while ethically I'm not sure how kind it really is to paint animals shells, even with non-toxic paint, I think if I saw a graffiti covered snail trundling slowly through the garden, I'd be tickled pink and keep my eye out for it.

These particular specimens are by London based artist, Slinkachu, who's other projects resolve around miniature figures, innocuously going about their lives in the capital, in amongst the weed filled cracks in stairs and detritus found on the street. But on the subject of snails:

"Inner City Snail, is a satire on the over abundance of urban media. The snails are decorated by hand with graffiti, advertisements, or tiny figures and then left to go about their business in the city - albeit on a smaller scale, and at a slower pace, than their grander counterparts." (Slinkachu.com)

So if you ever see a graffiti covered snail, tip your hat, wish it good day and make sure to step over it.

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