Friday, 6 January 2017

On the 10th Day of Christmas...

... this blogger gave to thee...
... ten pins for flair...
... nine dreams in Burton...
... eight days of Netflix...
... seven shoes to choose from...
... six party frocks...
... five gold rings!..
... four filmic covers...
... three low light lovelies...
... two sassy sweatshirts...
... an ode to 2016.

In 2016, I became slightly obsessed by pinning enamel pins. I have multiple jewellery boards on Pinterest, but pins always seemed a little too silly - and amazing - to be included on my brooch board. I thought maybe my peers from uni might think me a tad silly. Which is stupid because I've always loved enamel pins, and there is nothing, at all, wrong with a bit of silliness!

I love silliness and why not make your silly side and love or disdain for a particular film or book or whatever abundantly obvious by pinning it to your coat?

My question is, where the hell are all my pins from when I was a kid? I'm positive I have a lovely old enamel Winnie the Pooh somewhere, but can I locate it? Nope, just a couple of charity badges, but maybe there'll be a couple of new ones to collect from day ten's offerings...
Is it weird that the fact that the Sad Ghost Enamel Pin is lurking around in amongst sprigs of plant is part of the reason I like this so much? I find something incredibly endearing about it. Designed by The Sad Ghost Club, this is a great company who create comics, clothes, accessories, stationary and prints which help to promote positive awareness of mental wellness. Another nice thing about this company, is that the money from all purchases goes towards funding talks and classes to help your people understand and learn about their mental health, and on some particular products 100% of the profit is donated to a mental health charity. That's nice and I love the sad ghost.
Of all of the cloud pins in the world, I pick the one wearing underpants to keep the thunder and rain away. The Thunderpants Cloud Enamel Lapel Pin by Nutumeg and Arlo does however present one fundamental question? If the cloud is wearing pants, and we can assume that this is to stop the rain and thunder, does that make rain wee and a thunder clap it letting rip? If so, it would explain why he's so happy, and hopefully make us all want to use an umbrella.
On day eight, I said I was a die hard Gilmore Girls fan. I also drink far too much coffee and talk too much after I've drunk too much coffee, so can I be an Honorary Gilmore Girl? If so can I also have this Rhubarb Paper Co. pin to prove it?
Festive pin time! I love this little BAH Humbug Enamel Pin duo by RockCakes, I genuinely don't think it could get any simpler, or cuter. I want this for next Christmas, when I'm running around getting frazzled and want everyone to get lost. 
As part of my Christmas, my sisters bought me a Pugicorn pin. Thus, I couldn't resist 'Pugosaurus Rex' which is the long lost cousin of the Pugicorn, created by illustrator Sophie Corrigan for The Cupcake Pug Company's, "Pugs In Fancy Dress" series of pins. So if you're into fancy pugs, you can choose between the Pugicorn, Pugosaurus Rex, Pugrantula, Pugtato, Pugachu, Jungle Pug or a Fruglet. Ridiculous and adorable, I've still not found a place for mine to live.
The Pyjamas for Life Enamel Pin by Veronica Dearly from Not on the High Street is pretty self explanatory. I'd spend all day in my pyjamas if I didn't need to leave the house or seem even lazier. They're just so comfy and in the age of skinny jeans, why wouldn't you want to be comfy?
On my windowsill, I am successfully keeping five cacti alive. There are also a few pots of African violets in the kitchen,two Christmas cactuses in the dining room (one of which is a cutting from my great grans plant which is now at my grandparents, it's huge, ancient and mine is about to flower for the second time this year! Yay!), there's also  a bonsai I have no idea what to do with and an aloe vera which is a damn diva and I'm pretty sure it's going to die soon... at its own hands or mine. I'm not sure how I've accumulated so many plants, but their still being alive is more down to luck than anything else. There are also two terrariums in the shed, I would bring one into the house if there was space, so until I have my own place and can steal it, I may have to settle for this lovely Terrarium Lapel Pin by Finest Imaginary.
Any fans of The Craft? If you are you'll recognise the iconic quote on this,We Are The Weirdos, Mister, enamel pin from Punky Pins. Any fans of The Craft have an opinion on  the announcement of a possible sequel twenty years on? First of all, how on earth is it twenty years since The Craft! Secondly, I'm against it, and seeing Fairuza Balk (Nancy from the original 1996 film) is, I would be too... she still scares me.
Another name that film pin? Anyone? Bueller? Seriously, what is your damage Heather?
I love Heathers, it's probably one of my favourite movies, Winona Ryder and Christian Slater are perfect in it and only slightly murderous. I also like that the Dear Diary pin by Sarah Hell looks like something from the Simpsons, Lisa Simpson obviously taking o the role of Veronica Sawyer... I'm not sure who'd be J.D.
Let's end the post with a cocktail. My cocktail of choice, if I'm honest is a frozen margarita, but seeing that's not always available and a pain in the bum to make well at home, my usual tipple of choice is a G&T. Some may say this is a little basic, or even hipster given the resurgence in bath tub gins, but I just like the taste! But the enamel Gin Pin by Katy Pillinger Designs is even better for me, because it's yellow.

So, if you see any good pins, feel free to share and if you'd like to see more pins, have a look at my Pinterest board: Pin It!

Hope you enjoyed these ones.

Happy New Year! Part eleven tomorrow...

Fuck you 2016!

Link || Sad Ghost Enamel Pin by The Sad Ghost Club
Link || Thunderpants Cloud Enamel Lapel Pin by Nutumeg and Arlo on Etsy
Link || Gilmore Girls Enamel Pin by Rhubarb Paper Co. on Etsy
Link || BAH Humbug Enamel Pin by RockCakes on Etsy
Link || 'Pugosaurus Rex' petite enamel pin by Sophie Corrigan for "Pugs In Fancy Dress" series from The Cupcake Pug Company
Link || Pyjamas for Life Enamel Pin by Veronica Dearly on Not on the Highstreet
Link || Terrarium Lapel Pin by Finest Imaginary on Etsy
Link || We Are The Weirdos, Mister Enamel Pin by Punky Pins
Link || Dear Diary Enamel/Lapel Pin inspired by Heathers by Sarah Hell on Etsy
Link || Enamel Gin Lapel Pin by Katy Pillinger Designs on Etsy

Listening: Mojo Pin - Jeff Buckley

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