Friday, 12 February 2010

One Pom Pom, Mwhahaha...

...256 paper pom poms later...

This has been a very busy week. Louise and I have been making a pre-Easter, post winter, non-valentines obsessed window display to brighten the place up while we're still at this decidedly miserable point of year weather wise and after my evening pom pom session I (somewhat stupidly) suggested that we designed a window made out of paper pom poms.

At work we've been trying to avoid spending money on window displays so recently it's involved a lot of paper and various members of my family sitting doing origami (cranes and fish) or paper cuts (trees silhouettes) so that we keep to a really low budget and avoid repetitive window displays. Therefore since Saturday we have been sitting at the kitchen table folding, cutting and fluffing up paper napkins to make flowers which looked like chrysanthemums, carnations, peonies and water lilies. 256 to be precise. Not bad for under a tenner!

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