Tuesday, 16 February 2010

You've Got Red On You...

Unlike this statement from Shaun of the Dead (2004) these items of clothing rely on the accidental stains left when a pen leaks in your pocket.

Usually seen as a disastrous moment, which ruins a piece of clothing Fernando Brízio has adapted it to create renewable, recyclable clothing. By placing coloured felt tip pens into regularly placed pockets, these simple white dresses are transformed into colourfully patterned garments which, when you're bored with the design or need a new frock for an event, you simple wash it and start again.

It's a clever design, especially for it's simplicity. So often sustainability revolves around the introduction new materials, or technology whereas these garments uses a simple problem and turns it into a design feature, then uses an every day process (washing your clothes) to create an alternative, transformable garment which is open to individuality and personalisation.

In contemporary society we are often dictated to over fashion. We're given the impression that individualism is all important, whilst contradictorily being told exactly what to wear and how to wear it. Brízio's customisable clothing strives to let the wearer regain a little of their individualism, and the fact that no two stains will ever be identical does aid this. Perhaps individualism, peoples ability to revive and adapt old items and create their old style out-with current trends holds the key to sustainability. Or at least fewer clones on the street.

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