Friday, 16 April 2010

Closet Office Space

I'm a bit of a space saving kick at the moment, and once again I've found something that when I eventually get my own place I'm definitely going to do.

The jewellery side of my life doesn't really lend itself to bedroom living, and luckily my parents have given me the space to set up, however, in order to make my room more efficient and with leaving university and having little paper work these days, I gave up my desk for more storage for books and clothes. But I do miss the desk from times to time, for example when I'm doing resin work and need a warmer space for it to cure or when I'm dying various materials and need to leave out a dozen containers. But I admit, I'm smitten with this concept of an office inside a wardrobe.
I found this on Curbly, a site I'm becoming somewhat obsessed with for its DIY postings and mavens, and the basic premise is to treat a built in wardrobe like a room, paint it and wall paper it. Meaning if you're coveting any 'oh so beautiful' but 'way to expensive' wall paper you can probably afford to splurg on a roll given its such a teeny tiny space.

I admit to being swayed by its kitschness, however any way to hide the mess of a workspace is good in my book, especially when you're a magpie for junk.

Wonder if I could fit a jewellery bench in one one day?


Ali said...

That's awesome. I also want a book room..

Emily said...

We're just a pair of closet book roomers aren't we dear?


PhotoPuddle said...

Wow, this is awesome!!

Emily said...

It is - and thank you so much for coming back! I'm so sorry I deleted your post, I'm such a numpty!


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