Sunday, 18 April 2010

Mostly Harmless

I think most people would admit than in their childhood, they probably ate pretty odd things. Or at least they remember hearing of the friends and siblings having weird foody experiences. The most famous in our household involves a fern, which is not recommend. Another rather common alternate food stuff is Play-Doh.

Own up, if you didn't try it as a kid, you probably will at some point as an adult purely because someone will say "it's edible you know?" and it is luckily. Curiosity lead to an odd smelling, bad tasting but utterly harmless toy being invented to help children be creative and not poison themselves. A voyage of discovery.

I didn't however know people ate crayons. I can see why they might possibly appeal, they're colourful and could be construed as sweeties buy little children, but wax can't taste good! Fortunately again they are non-toxic, so if you or your kids are eating a pack a day, this might be interesting for you as an alternative: edible & highly nutritious crayons.

Made up of a mixture of powdered seeds, nuts, dried fruit & veg, the ingredients are separated out into coordinating colours - the flavour of the crayon being defined by the colour mix, meaning there is no distinct flavour of one ingredient instead an amalgamation. This powdered colour combination is them mixed into melted marshmallow which acts as a setting agent that can then be forced into a crayon shaped mould and packaged to mimic their waxy rivals.

Made by blogger Luxirare, I really do find this idea fascinating, it's a little bit of Willy Wonka or his non-fictional equivalent, Heston Blumenthal. It's all about magic and entertainment. In this incidence to me it's about the curiosity of childhood where anything and everything is a new sensory sensation.

Though, if you used them for colouring in...wouldn't your drawings start to smell eventually? Just a slightly worrying thought.

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