Friday, 30 April 2010

For Knackered Final Year Students

Pilo Pilo designed by Sae Shigeto & Lenny Ming Lo, are rings for the sleepy and ever so slightly bored.

Thanks to the increasing frequency of exhausted sounding status updates on Facebook, the lovely ladies of 4th year Jewellery Design at DoJ have reminded me of these curious pieces of design. A simple ring with a small pillow attached to the shank is possibly not to the level of design work which I hope to see from these girls degree show, which takes place in the next few weeks (I'll post the details once I remember to write them down!), however, it is a piece of design which has tickled me since I discovered it last year.

I only wish I'd thought of this during the dullest of dull lectures I attended at the art school. No matter how hard they tried, sometimes the tedium of certain subjects wouldn't allow conciousness. One girl I knew, I believe slept more in lectures than at home. However, had I designed these rings, with their large variety of textile patterns, I surely would have made a small fortune?

For the 4th years, this is the last slog, push yourselves through this last phase of exhaustion and then relax and enjoy your degree show week. It is simultaneously boring as hell and brilliant.

Good Luck for your assessments!

Listening: Stina Nordestam - Fireworks


Holly Wilcox said...

LOVE this! think i need one!!

thanks for the luck.. we need it!!!

see you soon, xxx

Emily said...

Haha, I think all jewellers need one after a long hard day at the bench!

Hope you're doing well, last slog, sure you'll do great and I can't wait to see it all!

Miss you lot! xxx

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