Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Type of Obsession...

I've become obsessed with the idea of buying a letter press drawer. My mum has one, she bought it with birthday money years ago and until we got new book shelves it hung in the hall covered in trinkets; tiny toys from when my sisters and I were kids, a tiny clock, large wooden beads off of an old was a place were the little oddities of the house seemed to gather. And latterly when the books took its place, the drawer moved to my work space in the spare room and then propped up against the wall because my work space has moved and the wall it hung on has been plastered, painted and left for my sister to draw on.

I would 'borrow' my mums and put it in my room for all the odd things I can't seem to get rid of, but as well as the suitable amount of guilt I would feel from this action, I really, really want to find my own. So I'm scouring eBay and Etsy to see if I can find a nice one that will ship to the UK cheaply since most I've found seem to be in the States.

Just my luck huh? Maybe the Birthday fairy will find one for me!

Listening: John Martyn - Small Hours

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