Monday, 26 April 2010


I don't often fall in love with clothes, or at least I don't as frequently as other members of my family do - my little sister is slightly and ever so sweetly obsessed with clothes, especially pretty dresses she doesn't tend to wear. However I had completely fallen in love with this hand made dress by Elsa Mora as a tribute to her grandmother.

I think it's a stunning tribute, and it's the combination of pale vintage colours and the appliqué flowers which adorn the neck line which I find so appealing. Plus the project brought Mora and her mother together to talk about her grandmother and the importance of passing things from one generation to the next.

When it comes to textile craft my mum has taught me most things; knitting, sewing, crocheting etc but we're going to ask my gran to teach us how to make pillow lace, a skill which has come down through the Belgian arm of the family. I think it's about time that we passed that skill along.

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