Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow's like Marmite...

You either love it or hate it. Normally I love a bit of snow...a bit being the important word. But this is taking the biscuit. Five or six inches of snow over night causes a lot of problems. It's not like we're isolated where we live, but the car is most definitely snowed in, so there's a lack of essentials in the house, the parents are walking back and forth to work and the council hates cul-de-sacs. The added bonus is it's dads birthday on Thursday and my sisters & I only have half his present & mum has pretty much nothing. So unless we can find something amazing in Tesco, or the council get their butts up the roads today (and don't push the whole streets snow into our drive) dad's not having a birthday.

That said, it's not like I'm working at the minute, though we were supposed to be installing windows this week in Carnoustie & Broughty Ferry & finishing Blair's (we did it on Friday, a day long marathon without stopping - thus explaining no pictures). So work is out, therefore when someone's ready to go we're trekking to the shops.

Anyway, apparently I've been rubbish again and totally neglected the old blog! I have no defence, I've not been horribly busy since I posted last and I've not been making anything other than knitted goodies for the window which I shall hopefully be blogging when I get down to town to take photos and to finish it. However, for one reason or another, I've been uncharacteristically spending very little time on my computer, which given over the past couple of years I've been glued to it because of studying/research reasons is a nice change.

The little sis and I have been spending the past few of weeks either making new pieces for the mushaboom window or trying to finish all the components for not only Blair's window, but the Ferry's and Carnoustie before this weekend. Which amazingly we did *touch wood* remarkably ahead of for a change, but the snow's scuppered us.

Being able to sit and do this has been very nice, especially as on Tuesday last week, when going out to refill a birdfeeder in the garden, I slipped on the stairs on the deck and have hurt my back again. Ballet pumps, wet leaves and slippery wooden deck equals a slow motion fall and a sore bum. Great way to start the week and this was before the snow! I was also over in Carnoustie at the end of last week and the window isn't going to be quite as straight forward as I'd hoped, so when we get over it might need an on the spot rethink.

In relation to the Christmas windows, I bet it will be a complete anti-climax now! It'll teach me to bang on about something for months, but at least there will be three rather than two to show.

Anyway, I think I owe you some decent blogging, including 6 mood boards (including this Mondays which after digging the drive I was a bit knackered to finish), some pictures from an artist I love and adore and more of my ramblings over a bunch of post I've yet to post. I'm even planning a series for over Christmas so I don't go abandoning the few of you who actually don't mind the nonsense I spout.

Which is lucky as I lost one of my very few followers today - so to those of you who stick around waiting for me to get your act together, I love and adore you and you are some of my favourite people.

Right, so today we shall be posting non-monday mood boards.

Loves! x
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