Saturday, 23 October 2010


On Tuesday & Wednesday,
Louise and I put in the last window display before Christmas. A forest floor of handmade mushrooms, paper cut trees and leaves and various mosses. I admit, it's been a bit of a slog getting it ready. It was supposed to go in a while ago, but between illness and me underestimating how long it would take to paper mache 25 balloons to make 50 mushrooms and then fit them with stalks, painting them all, painting on spots, repainting a lot of the spots with glow in the dark paint...well, it took a little longer than anticipated. But I think it's my favourite window this year. Plus it has been funny having every appliance (fridge, tumble drier, freezer etc) in the utility room covered in rainbow coloured mushrooms that glow when you leave the room. Though it has made finding a clear surface interesting.

The practice has also been getting its front repainted. It's a big change too, going from a plummy maroon to cream. It's so bright! And does give the window a good frame.

We also arranged them in a little bit of a rainbow, though not going for the obvious ROY G BIV and more G BIV ROY. But it is really pretty like that and for once the shelves have actually been a benefit! We even made mushrooms short enough to go under the very bottom ones, which barely ever seems to happen!

I think I'll be quite sad when this one comes down at the end of next month. But we will definitely be reusing this one. If not in Blair, in the Ferry &/or Carnoustie.

Yesterday I went in and for this week we have bats, spiders and little pumpkins as our nod to Halloween. In some respects I think being as obsessed with Halloween as Americans seem to be would be great, as we could do a truly outlandish window, but for one day out of the year? Nah, a nod is good enough for us.

Did also take a couple of photos of the window before this, which used our paper cranes again, but they're on Louise's camera (though I took them - it was cold and she goes blue) so I haven't downloaded them yet. I'll post them once I get them. And while it wasn't as fancy as this one, I really liked it too!

Think we're getting our window mojo back post summer!
Listening: Doves - There Goes The Fear

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Ali said...

Looks lovely, as ever.

Also saw this and wondered if you might be interested.

Ali xx

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