Monday, 6 December 2010

Monday Mood Board: More Snow!

Row 1: Untitled by Christian Gendron,
Untitled by Emily Boyd
Row 2: It Snowed by Atomic Turquoise,
It Just Keeps Getting Better by Pia Jane Bijkerk,
Snow Way by Mayara Martini

More snow today, both in the sense of this board and the quarter of an inch which came down this morning. Since I last blogged, we've been dug out at least! Yay! On Thursday morning when we thought dads birthday was going to be a complete bust, I woke up to my mum running out the door saying there was a plough. So we got out & dug out the drive completely and finally got the car out, then when my parents had gone out a load of the packages we were waiting for turned up!

Officially love the guy who ploughed the road by the way.

So not a complete bust and rest of the week was sort of a weird mixture of sweeping the street of snow and taking photos of the massive icicles and piles of snow around where I live. Some of which I will post when I've finished editing them.

How's everyone enjoying/loathing the snow?

I know Edinburgh & Glasgow got battered again today (we got it this morning as it was working its way down to you) so I know at least a couple of my readers may have not had such a fun day. I'm currently really hoping for that to be more of less it snow wise for while, if only to let the varying councils start getting on top of the roads/pavements and resume normal duties. Speaking of which, I've got to try and dig our bins out before Thursday, hoping they do actually make it round.

Try and do some more posting this week and work out what I'm making the girls at work for Christmas. Maybe my brain will start working for it.

Have a great week,
Em x

Listening: Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes

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