Friday, 31 December 2010

On the 7th Day of Christmas... blog gave to thee... pretty shoesies...
...six party dresses...
...five gold rings!..
...four collared hangers...
...three Mad Men...
...two hedgehog gloves...
...and a house to dunk into your tea.

Today's offering come courtesy of the response I had to yesterdays post, which was a bit of ooohing and ahhhing of my sisters and a couple of other lovely ladies who read my blog. Thanks my dears! The idea for today had been to post a picture of these gorgeous little cloud shaped marshmallows with a title which I realised today actually miss attributed the original source of said confectionery and then no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get to work back into a seven based rhyme. It doesn't actually matter, I'll post a picture of them another day. But instead today we have shoes to go with yesterdays dresses.

1. Been A Bad Boy Black Leather from Office - £40
2. Purple Mouse Wrap Platforms from Schuh - £29.99
3. Floral Button Alphabite Court Shoes from Irregular Choice -£69.99
4. PEACHES Suede Platform Court Shoes from ASOS - $68.96
5. Fifi 100 Satin & Lace Pumps by Christian Louboutin from Net-a-Porter - £507.50
6. Tapetastic from Irregular Choice (I have the kitten heel version) - £59.99
7. Purple Belle and Mimi Suede Platform Court Shoes from Dorothy Perkins - £45

Thought these would go suitably with most of the dresses. Though the Louboutin's are definitely out of any sensible persons price range, and I did find a similar, cheaper pair, but hey, when in the bloggersphere a girl can dream.

I do love shoes though. Despite my complete inability to walk in high heels above 2 or 3 inches, in amongst my sneakers and ballet pumps, I have a few pairs which I absolutely love. Bright purple suedette heels from H&M, which I walked back to the car barefoot last time I wore them because I'd rather have dirty wet feet than ruin them in the rain. Brown brogues which I had to buy a size too big because they were the last pair and now I have to put gel pads at the base and back to wear them. Then there are the measuring tape kitten heels from Irregular Choice, which I've had for years but only finally braved to wear for my Masters Degree Show...they are the most comfortable heels I own & gorgeous too boot, so I periodically check eBay just in case I can buy another pair and actually get to wear them more often. Though tonight I discovered they've now started making a slightly different pair which I may be tempted into.

See. Can't resist them!

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years and doesn't suffer too badly.
Merry Christmas! Part eight next year!
Listening: Boyce Avenue & Kina Grannis - With or Without You


jonahliza said...

this blog is awesome! happy new year <3

Emily said...

And that is a lovely way to start the new year on my blog :)

Thank you ever so much Jonahliza :)

Happy New Year! x

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