Saturday, 29 January 2011

Musical Interlude: "Small Hours"

Two years ago the music world lost of of their best. This is my opinion at least. It's not like when John Lennon or Michael Jackson died, there was no audible gasp of shock from around the world, there wasn't days of documentaries on the TV or anthologies played on the radio. It all happened remarkably quietly.

John Martyn, was a folk legend and an innovator for his use of delay and echo pedals. The musicians musician, who almost slurred rather than sang, died of double pneumonia on the 29th of January 2008. He was 60.

I say Martyn slurred. His vocals were expressive and emotional, often the lines melding together to create a unique sound somewhere between his folk roots and blues. However his life was plagued by alcoholism and drug abuse, leading to the breakdown of his marriage and eventual amputation of his right leg. It also changed his voice and added to the emotional delivery of songs such as Hurt In Your Heart. Music being his catharsis.

John Martyn's music has been in my life since I can remember. It's a major part of ever MP3 I have owned, every iTunes library I've created and mixtape I've made for my friends to listen to. I'm not trying to be morbid celebrating the anniversary of his death. It was purely coincidental that when I was on his website a few days ago, looking for lyrics, I noticed that the date was a year before I started my blog. So just for you guys, I've made a playlist on Spotify which I think I've worked out how to share with you! If you don't have Spotify, there is a list below, YouTube the songs because they are wonderful.

1. Small Hours
2. Hurt In Your Heart
3. I'd Rather Be The Devil (Devil Got My Woman)
4. Solid Air
5. Cocaine
6. Sweet Little Mystery
7. Glory Box
8. Goodnight Irene
9. Run Honey Run
10. Rolling Home
11. One For The Road
12. Couldn't Love You More
13. Head And Heart
14. Dancing
15. Back To Stay
16. The Man In The Station
17. You Don't Know What Love Is
18. May You Never
19. Fairy Tale Lullaby
20. Certain Surprise

Listen to his music and make up your own minds, but for all his faults - stropping out of gigs being a regularity - his music is wonderful.

Listening: John Martyn - Small Hours

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