Monday, 7 February 2011

Monday Mood Board: Crocuses

Row 1: Crocus by Steffi's,
Row 2: Yellow Crocus Trio by BeeGardener, Crocuses by Helen in Wales

I've spent all weekend looking at crocuses. The reason being another window concept and the continuation of the knitting fetish. I've spent the last week or two knitting snowdrops and now I have moved on to trying to write my own knitting pattern for crocuses. The idea is to have a window that changes and adapts on a month by month basis, but the base is actually the same throughout, we just change elements. It was kinda my idea to do it, but it's because my favourite (& our most successful/popular) window of the past year or more was probably the mushrooms. Might work or we might abandon it by the summer and go back to random window designs. We'll see.

The pattern is driving me a little bit nuts though, I've knitted 10 so far and I've got the petals worked out, but the base and the sewing up is still not quite right. Either I'm not reducing my stitches enough and they're too loose, or I'm reducing too many and end up with it all bunched together so I keep having to make alterations. Then again for a first go at it they're not bad! [Photos to come, was distracted by the snow/slush today.]

Fortunately this isn't anywhere near as time consuming as doing the crackers. Which means I should have some more time to do some designing! I know! I'm using the 'D' word! I even went and bought some chemicals to try and do some etching at home. Then again I've still not posted the photos from Christmas of the earrings I made! I half write it and never post it. Story of my blogging life isn't it!

Listening: Ingrid Michaelson - Snowfall Kind of Love

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