Sunday, 24 April 2011


Crate by Windell Oskay

ON Easter Sunday those of a religious nature celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Personally, I'm not religious, never have been, but we all have different beliefs.

However, everyone seems swayed by the giving of Easter Eggs. Originally symbolising new life, now it's more an excuse to eat chocolate without guilt.

Anyway, I've had this next design delight squirrelled away for such an occasion, an Easter Egg from me to you.

For Easter Sunday we have Egg-bot!

Eggbot was designed by Bruce Shapiro in 1990. The original design was based on Shapiro's interest in controlling stepper motors via his computer and came to life as a means of helping his children decorate Easter eggs.

Since then Eggbot has been developed by Shapiro, his son Ben Trombley and Brian Schmalz into a kit which they hope helps to teach people "about the electronics, mechanics, and software needed to build your own motion control projects. We hope this project inspires you to explore the emerging field of home robotics as a medium for teachers, artists, and makers." (Eggbot)

Once you've assembled your Eggbot you design your pattern using a piece of software called Inkscape then print onto eggs; Christmas baubles; pumpkins; light bulbs; golf balls; ping pong balls; large marbles; stones; wine glasses and just about any sturdy, spherial or ellipsoidal object (with a relatively smooth surface) which will fit into the robot.

I love this piece of design, it's so simple and yet in many ways sometimes the best pieces of design are. An egg printer which you have free reign to design any pattern onto a multitude of objects...might seem silly, but I can see applications for it in what I do.

For more images of the designs made using the Eggbot visit the Egg-bot Flickr Pool

Available from Evil Mad Science for between $195 and $220

Happy Easter!
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