Saturday, 30 April 2011

I'll have hot water and a stick please!

Do you guys know that I love coffee?

I wouldn't say I was addicted.

I can go days without it and it doesn't bother me, but it's part of my morning ritual too. Has been since uni when I'd be up by 6.55, in uni for 8.30 and caffeinated about five minutes after that. Whenever I'm in the workshop now it's still the first thing I do. Even if I don't drink it until it could be classed as 'iced' coffee.

This brings me to the concept design by Heo Jeong Im who brings us Coffee on a Stick.
Boil the kettle and fill your cup, then pick your poison (cafe latte, cappucino, caramel acchiato, mocha latte or americano) and simply stir. The coffee coloured portion melts away and the white portion becomes your spoon. Couldn't be simpler! And how elegantly designed.

I can think of one very, very good reason for a design like this. No more bad cuppa's! Admit it, we've all been made a bad cuppa - in my house, my tea making skills are notoriously bad, but my excuse is I don't drink tea, so how am I supposed to know how to make it?

The art of coffee/tea making is a really personal thing. If you're anything like me, in order to make your cuppa just how you like it, you have a system, be it a particular cup, spoon or order in which coffee, milk and/or sugar are put in the mug. That system leads to the perfect caffeinated beverage for you.

A design like Heo Jeong Im's means, no messy coffee grounds or instant coffee accidentally sprinkled over the worktop; no more carefully measured out spoonfuls of coffee and perfectly packaged for carrying around with you for a mid-afternoon fix.

I was sold when my freshly caffeinated mind heard the word coffee.

via - Design Fetish
via - Yanko Design
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