Monday, 4 April 2011

Monday Mood Board: Colour Splash

Row 1:

Row 2:

Inspired by the Galactic Smudge Dress from ASOS, it reminded me of the last couple of mood boards I've made and of all the colours and sunshine we're in for as the next few months progress. Think crocuses, daffodils, near leaves buddy and the blossom starting to appear on the trees, all with a hint of the low evening sun hitting them through the trees...did I mention I really like spring?

Today not being one of those days, all dreich and dreary and spitting with rain, I'm going to stay in and do some tidying - I'm sure I used to have a chair in the corner of my room and there was definitely more floor than this before. Joy of the best part of 26 years of life crammed into one room...oh, that and the inability to throw anything away!

Apart from the tidying I'm going to try and do some much needed blogging, I've been neglecting you all for a long while and given since January my readers have increased from 15 to 23 I think I owe you some much needed post! What I have to offer today will hopefully be some new window displays, new(ish) jewellery, some new pictures and some designer fodder I've come across while I should have been working. It's no wonder my Pinterest folders are brimming over!

...this all being dependant on whether or not I'm trapped under a pile of clothes/books/junk or indeed wool by the end of the day!

Welcome and thank you to all the new readers!

Em x

Listening: Vampire Weekend- Giving Up The Gun

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Regina said...

Good morning! What a beautiful and inspiring mood boards this is. Here is raining and cloud today, and look to this board is very refreshing.
Good "tidying day for you"

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