Thursday, 26 May 2011

Straight From The Dinner Table

See this scenario? Not good. Cat eating grass always leads to barfing. Which when on your dining room table is not a good thing.

That small piece of negativity aside, I do admire this piece of design. Planter Table by Brooklyn designer Emily Wettstein, I think is a stunning and beautifully executed piece of furniture design. The table is made from steel and reclaimed slices of walnut, which with the natural edge left running down the center of the table allows the wheat grass in its removable planter to sprout through in an irregular, naturalistic matter.

I love plants in the house. Currently I'm trying to keep a host of gerbera, african violets and geraniums alive for various members of my family and the wheat grass is really attractive, but how wonderful would this be filled with herbs? Thyme in its many forms or lemon balm with its citrus tang, chives with their purple puff of flowers or oregano, whose smell lingers when you brush by it. Or you could even plant a mix of lettuces to pick for your dinner.

Wettstein's design for the table would actually be fantastic in the garden, especially in those where space is at a premium, and since we are all being encouraged to 'Grow Our Own' we should be looking for every opportunity in design to encourage it.

Which reminds me. I need to go strip some bamboo canes for our runner beans to grow up. They're trying to escape from the cold frame.

link - Emily Wettstein
via - Design Milk
Listening: The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition


Holly Wilcox said...

This is beautiful! Agreed though, don't let the cat near it! xx

Evelin said...

Amazing! I wonder if it is hard to keep it that pretty though...

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