Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Little Boxes | Ticky Tacky

I havent posted anything of my own for a while. Mostly because there's been a lack of anything to actually post. There's a couple of other pieces from this series, but they're not completely finished. I've been stuck with them, so maybe I'll post them another day.

These earrings however, were part of the Christmas gifts for the girls at work, thankfully, both liked them. They're are made of silver, ophthalmic lenses and Amazakoue. Amazakoue being a gorgeous hardwood which I used for one of my degree show chess sets and have had so many chunks lying around the workshop. I keep battering myself with them - as well as branches of thorny rose wood, maple, buddleia, rosemary, lilac, elm, cherry and pine from the garden, which I've been seasoning for the past year and a half. They should be good to use now I think.

Have been having a bad day today. Which is annoying as I'd been feeling better about things lately.I feel like the herbal concoction has been helping and I've been thinking about getting back in touch with friends, thinking about designs, thinking about ordering some silver, thinking about going sorting out the workshop...I couldn't get to sleep two nights ago thinking about a design, but today all I want to do is stay in bed and either have a cry or go back to sleep. I'm not even feeling very bloggy, but I'm pushing myself to try and post more frequently and I've been meaning to post these earrings since Christmas.

Anyway, think it's time for bed. Sleep tight.

Listening: Scott Matthews - Elusive

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