Monday, 13 June 2011

Thistles and other garden treats

This weekend I have mostly been crocheting thistles for the window.

We're still persevering with the woodland window and we've added alliums, a canopy of leaves and some grasses. But next is some more alliums, daisies and thistles. Which will hopefully go in on Thursday depending on how quickly I can get them made up.

I'd have done more this weekend, but I've been out in the garden planting up the herbs the girls gave me for my birthday, including an orange thyme and a chocolate mint, both of which smell phenomenal! Also put in a load of sweetpeas and veggies which have been in the cold frame too long and today I planted our potatoes. It's only the second year we've done them, but hopefully they'll be a little more successful than last years.
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abigail said...

amazing! where did you get the pattern?

Emily Boyd said...

Thank you :) Mostly I made this one up. Which is because I have no idea how to read crochet patterns!

It's just a small bowl which I extended up and then shoved a tassel inside.

It's more or less the same as the dandelions I made:

The only difference - bar the colour - is the elongated base and a slightly different shape on the purple. I've just finished wiring them all, so I have a table of thistles and alliums in front of me. Just got a tone of leaves to crochet now!

There's a good book for crochet & knitted flowers, which I think has a thistle pattern, called 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet by Lesley Stanfield.

Hope that helps, I'll try and write out a basic pattern if I can work it out. :)

Em x

Ann said...

Love your thistles Em! I've got that book too and am off to see whether its got a thistle.

Emily Boyd said...

Thank Ann! :)

I can't remember if the book had a thistle in it. I know I worked this one out myself, but I have a vague inkling there is one, but not the way I did it.

Have a look at these instructions to make an acorn...

...if you make an acorn bottom and then sew in a tassel you should get what I made :)

I really wish I could work out a pattern, but my crocheting is, let's say, random.

But the acorn bottom is a good starting point :)

I like the daffodils you crocheted. Especially the ones with the bright orange trumpets. My mum managed that pattern, but I could never follow it!

Have fun with all your crafting, I'm like you, I've probably tried most once and my favourite changes all the time, currently I'm in a bit of a felt phase when I'm not knitting scarves for my sheep :)

Em x

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