Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Monday Mood Board: Fields of Gold

Row 1:
Doucer - 13 by Sophie Cagnac
Invalid Ticket by 5Letters

Row 2:
Doucer - 15 by Sophie Cagnac
Land..... by Mustafa DedeogLu

This time last year, it was sunny...I think. Certainly sunny enough to ripen the Victoria plums in the garden, which this year are weighing down the tree to the point where its branches are almost reaching the grass. I know it was nicer this time last year because I have a cupboard full of plum jam dated for August which was made because it was that or let the fruit go to the wasps. Turns out none of my family like plum jam, including me. So lesson learned.

Everywhere still seems so green, the lack of sun and warmth and all the rain keeping the majority of this years crops in Scottish fields because they're not having the opportunity to ripen. I was in Perth on Sunday at the Scottish Bead Fair - where needless to say I spent way too much money - and after I was thinking about how much I enjoy the back roads home, where normally at this time of year, fields are either full of bales or creating waves of gold as the wind rushes through the stalks.

Anyway, that explains the board, which features three - in my opinion - of deviantArt's best photographers.

As for the bead fair, it was great. Mum and I took gran so we could buy her some beads for her birthday and I could look for inspiration. There weren't as many semi-precious stalls as last year, and certainly a stronger leaning towards the pearl and crystal type which are really not my thing. That didn't however stop me spending all the money I brought with me! Thank God the majority didn't take cards, or I'd be seriously broke! I like beads, what more can I say?

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