Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Get on your dancing shoes...

In fashion, we're always being told that having a capsule wardrobe is a wonderful idea. Limiting ourselves to a few interchangeable pieces of clothing which we can mix and match and allows us to save money and remove the detritus which lurks within our wardrobes and chests of drawers. Years of spur of the moment buys, or long lost loves which no longer fit or have seen better days - as a jeweller all my clothes have acid burns and the rest have pulls from ill-placed cat claws - which we keep for years on end.

Same with shoes.

In the ideal capsule wardrobe, you should - apparently - have four pairs of shoes. I assume this means, for women, one pair of flats, boots, heels and I suppose trainers, or a variant of that based on casual or formal and indeed your preference for heel height. But could you limit yourself to four pairs of shoes? (I couldn't, for a start there are simply too many different colours of Converse Sneaker and secondly they're just too pretty!)

I bring this up, because of a design I saw recently by Israeli designer Daniela Bekerman, who has created a modular shoe which has it's own capsule wardrobe.

Ze O Ze, which means 'This or This' in Hebrew, is a shoe created by Bekerman with an interchangeable heel. Thus allowing the wearer to go easily from high heel to flat, from Mary Jane to Oxford by simply slotting the modular heel into the sole of the shoe. One shoe, the basis of your feet's capsule wardrobe, given endless possibilities by the simple exchange of a heel and ankle support.

Now think about how convenient these would be after a long day at work, or a night out. No more spare shoes in your bag, or under your desk, or walking home in bare feet. Just change your heel and save your soles.

link - Daniela Bekerman
via - Design Milk
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Sarah said...

That is blinking genius!

PhotoPuddle said...

Four pairs of shoes!?!!?!! I honestly don't think I could cope with just four pairs of shoes!!! I have more than four pairs or boots, more than four pairs of sandals, more than four pairs of trainers......etc. You get what I'm saying here!

Emily Boyd said...

Lol, I know four pairs seems mad and I definitely more than that. I have half a dozen pairs of converse alone and a couple of pairs of boots, a few pairs of high heels...and probably more lurking and if you asked me to part with them I'd probably cry.

However, on a day to day basis, I only wear two pairs. My grey low-tops and a pair of prince of wales print ballet pumps which are falling to bits and I'm struggling to replace.

I do however, like the idea of a pair I could change up such as these. It would be so handy if you were at work, but going out later, or didn't have much space in your bag for going on holiday.

I think it's nifty :)

Em x

PhotoPuddle said...

Well I may have a lot of shoes but now you've made me jealous of your Converse. I only have two pairs! I need more!

Emily Boyd said...

I wear converse 80% of the time. And I get hypnotised by the colours and double tongues and hi/low's a sickness really.

Then again, they're always reliably going to fit and I never throw any away. I still have my first pair, yellow hi-tops which are riddled with holes and are covered in a dark blue eyeshadow after a small explosive incident...but you can never have too many! :D

That and I have no trainers. Just cons :)

Bet I sound like a crack pot now ;)

Em x

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