Monday, 6 August 2012

Musical Interlude - "You Don't Know How Lucky You Are"

"You Don't Know How Lucky You Are" - Keaton Henson

I know I keep doing this, going MIA and then saying that I'll be back soon, but it doesn't seem to be happening yet does it? Work seems to be mental at the moment and what initially was making me feel better, and still is to a degree, but has also started me into a phase where my brain is tired and is wondering whether it's capable of going back to design. Or if it's going to be stuck forever. It's stupid, because I was genuinely feeling better about things for a good few months, but just recently, probably as we enter the latter half of the year, things have slumped again.

I can't even seem to choose paint to redecorate my room (my attempt at clearing the cobwebs). I've had 9 different samples on my walls since June and one minute I choose one and the next it seems wrong.

I hate blogging like this, I hate coming on here and being sad and apologetic for my lack of posting and the only things I seem to have to post at the moment is music. I've been trying to write posts on a few designers I have developed Design Crushes on, but I stare a computer most of the day, so I can't seem to stay focused long enough to write them fully. But, whilst staring at the computer at work, I'm trying to rediscover music and listen to the things I love and trying to find new things which could spark an improvement in my mental state.

So, for a while, if you will entertain a slightly mental girl, I would like to post some of the music I've been finding via "related artist" hopping on Spotify. Which is how I found Keaton Henson and "You Don't Know How Lucky You Are".

I'll post another tomorrow, there were two to choose from tonight, but Sophie Thompson's performance in the video swayed it. It reminds me of Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbons, a book which was torturous to read in school, but sits in my shelves and as I get older keeps seeming like something I should revisit. Like music, which used to be a huge part in fuelling my creativity. Plus, well, the title seemed appropriate.

Give it a chance, there's something lovely about it.
Listening: You Don't Know How Lucky You Are - Keaton Henson

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