Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Polish Problem...

You know how a couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I had a bit of a nail varnish problem? Yeah, this is only about half of it. Apparently my way of distracting myself on my really depressed days is by buying nail varnish. And given many of the places I've been buying them from currently have three for two offers, it's way too easy. Now, I'm not buying expensive brands, there are a couple in there which were a little pricier and a few that should have been but I got at the factory shop across the road from work for a fraction of the price (seriously I bought an Essie polish in there for £3 which should have been upwards of £8/9) but the fact that most of this hall has been bought since just before Christmas is bad! 

There are worst things I could be consoling myself with, and I do love nail varnish, but well, the fact is that my nails are so weak at the moment that they're peeling and breaking like mad. A couple of weeks ago they were almost back to a good length and looking nice, and then the peeling began again and now I'm back at the quick and have torn my thumb nail so close that it's really sore.

So basically, to make myself feel better I'm buying something which I can't use and therefore just taunts me. I may as well be buying clothes which don't fit or shoes I can't walk in.


If I was willing to have my photo taken I should have started a make up blog, seeing I can't seem to stop buying the stuff! For example I would definitely recommend to you Maybelline's Color Show Nail Varnish, as it's really highly pigmented, dried quickly and they're releasing some brilliant colours. I would recommend Barry M on colour selection, but tell you they're incredibly thin and the ones I own either need 4 coats or you need a similarly coloured base, so it's not the polish to use if you need to be quick. I'd also point out that Rimmel's nail varnish is great, but their 60 second formula dries slower than any other and can be on the thick side, however they also have double width brushes, which make them really easy to apply. And I'd mention that Barbara Daly polish is one of my favourites as it's cheap, has good coverage, dries quickly and is formaldehyde free! Which for a drug store nail polish is I think verging on the holy grail.

I'd also reveal one of my favourite polishes in by Nails Inc and while I've bought/been bought some, most of mine have been bought by buying three or four issues of magazines giving them away...oh don't look at me that way, they're £11 a pop and the magazine is £3 at most! Thus for 4 it costs me just over the cost of 1 polish! That's a win to me!

I told you I had a problem...

{Update: I bought three more this morning and, had there been any colours I hadn't snaffled already, I was going to buy another three when I had to nip back to the shops this afternoon. It's been a bad few days. So why not drown myself in formaldehyde and other horrific chemicals.}
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PhotoPuddle said...

Are you me? I have a real thing about nail varnish at the moment too. I am definitely buying more than I could possibly get round to wearing, I never spend a lot on a bottle so it's such a nice little way to get myself a treat. I might count how many bottles I actually have at one point. I think that might scare me though.

Emily Boyd said...

I would like you to know I am hanging my head in shame right now...I bought three more polishes this afternoon, after two days of not buying any.

I've done a rough count and just of one brand I have 26 bottles! I may count and try and scare myself out of buying too many more!

Although, that said I'm even considering buying nail polish display sticks so I can pick a colour that way rather than putting it on and taking it off and knackering my nails more. Plus it would let me be a little OCD and have a nice rainbow of colours :D

Though from one addict to another, bought any good ones recently?

Em x

PhotoPuddle said...

Ok, my purchases since Good Friday have been Collection 2000 Hot Looks in 'Look at Me' which I was disappointed with as I thought it would be a brighter green than it was. Collection 2000 Hot Looks in 'Milkshake' which is a lovely neutral colour. Max Factor Mini Nail Polish in 'Pretty In Pink' which is a super cute colour for spring. And also bought yesterday Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in 'Grapefruit'. I am actually about to put it on now and it looks like it a really bright fun colour to I have high hopes! Oh and as part of my birthday present my sister bought me Max Factor Mini Nail Polish in 'Catus Green' which I am hoping might be that perfect green. See, I might just be as obsessed as you! We should start a support group!

Emily Boyd said...

A Support group might be a good idea, but we might just fuel one another's habit ;-)

That said...since good Friday I've bought Maybelline Color Show in Peach Smoothie, Bikini Pink and Urban Coral, which are all really pretty and hopefully by the summer my nails will be in a good enough condition to wear them. I've also bought Seventeen Quicker Slicker Colour in Sailor Boy, which I thought might be a good dupe for Nails In St. John's Wood, but it's darker. Rimmel 60 seconds in Rose Libertine which is a brightish vintage rose colour and Bourjois So Laque Glossy in Amande Défilé, which is a pale pistachio green. I wear a lot of pale blues/aquas (Rimmel Misty Jade, Boujois Lavender Equisse and Nail's Inc Bluebell being the three I wore the most last year) but it's much paler than I would normally wear. Bit scary but I thought it was pretty.

Yours sound really nice, I've been looking for a neutral which will suit my skintone but they either make me look very pink or a tad grubby! Hint from one addict to another, if you buy any more Mini Maxfactors go for Fantasy Fire, it's as gorgeous on as in the bottle!

See, I'm a complete wack-a-doodle when it comes to nail polish! And trying to find the names without getting the bottles out I've seen more I like 8)

PhotoPuddle said...

Well it was my birthday this week and someone only went and got me a boots gift voucher. Well what was I meant to do. I bought Models Own 'Luis Lemon' as I've been really wanting to embrace the neon trend without going too full on. I also got another Barry M Gelly as I just loved the pink one so much. I have high hopes for 'Plum'. That's it no more now. My nails are starting to split and they need a couple of weeks nail varnish break but I still have lots to try out.

Oh and I just counted. Exactly 60 bottles - oooops.

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