Sunday, 10 August 2014

Authentic Weather

That's today's forecast from when I started and when I finished writing this post. And it couldn't be more accurate. It's tipping it down.

Designed by Tobias van Schneider, a multidisciplinary designer and creative director born in Germany, but now living in New York City. His focus is on branding and interactive design and the Authentic Weather App, which tries to be an honest and human weather reporter, started as a fun little project he forgot to put online.

To put it plainly, it's a weather app which speaks to me and speaks the bloody truth. I'd love to know what it thought about Scotland's heat wave...I certainly know how blue the air got at times downstairs at work when the thermometer hit 30°.

The reason I like this app, apart from the swearing - I swear too much - but it's a clean and simple app. No fussing, no explanations. You can find out the temperature if you need it, but in the end the weather is broken down into a cold hard fact. Is it raining? Yep. Is it going to rain tomorrow? Yep. Do I really need to know wind speeds, isobars and pollen counts?

Okay, yes, those are important when you need to know if it's safe to put out the washing, should you take that antihistamine or can you risk not taking an umbrella...but sometimes is it going to rain, yes or no, is simply enough.

And sometimes you just need something to tell you the weather's fucking crap.

I guess it's a weather app for the cynics among us.

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