Saturday, 9 August 2014


Inkpug!, has becomes one of my favourite tumblrs over the last few months. And the above is why, it kills me because that feeling is far too familiar. Today for example.

That with the fact that pugs are wonderfully hilarious little animals, adds to the joy this tumblr brings me.
Drawn by Lauren and Gareth (though I don't know who is responsible for which pugs or if one draws and the other writes the poetry which goes along with some, or perhaps the other is responsible for making them into the items for sale in their Etsy shop), their medium for expressing feeling and experiences is pencil, paper and pugs. And when questioned as to whether they ever got bored of drawing pugs, their response was perfect:

"Secret is: I am not drawing pugs. I'm drawing feelings, and the pug is my conduit. So far, I haven't run out of feelings. If I do, I'll probably do fun stuff or sad stuff or general stuff until I have feelings again." (Do you every get sick of drawing pugs? July 15th 2014, Inkpug!)

I like that.
What began life as doodled pug butts in the margins of a school jotter (pug butts being inherently funny), has become something special and hopefully lucrative for the creators of Inkpug!

That, to me, is a lovely fact. Go visit their tumblr, it's adorable.

Link | Inkpug! on Tumblr
Link | Inkpug! on Etsy
Listening: Good Friends Are Hard To Find  - Ed Harcourt


David said...

Your little sister once told me that she put extra sugar in tea if she thought someone might need it. 'Sad tea' she called it. I thought it was one of the nicest things someone could do. I hope you're feeling okay.

Emily Boyd said...

It is sweet, but I don't get sad tea. I don't drink tea and Louise is banned from making coffee unless under strict instructions. I don't know what she does to it, but I'm just as bad at making builders tea.

It's the thought that counts.

To be honest, right now, all I want to do is sit and do nothing. Well, except finishing the Hunger Games on audio book and wallow. Which isn't what I should do. But between being down and deaf, I don't really feel like doing anything much else.

David said...

I made sad tea today. By accident. Forgot I'd already put sugar in :)

That's what I miss most about living in Edinburgh. The coffee shops. I used to go to Starbucks most days, usually very early in the morning, followed by Waterstones & HMV (I could never afford much, but I still spent way more than I should). There were probably a million lovely little cafes and bookstores I could have visited instead but I liked the anonymity I felt in those big chain stores. And the frappuccinos and caramel hot chocolate. Also, I'm very much a creature of habit :)

I'd usually get back to the flat way before lunch and spend the rest of the day hiding in my bedroom. It wasn't much of a life, I suppose. But I seem to look back on it quite fondly even though I'm pretty sure I was unhappy most of the time. I did sometimes manage to fill the days by exploring the quieter bits of the city. I miss that too.

Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble on for so long! All I really wanted to say was that maybe it's okay to want to do nothing sometimes.

And listening to The Hunger Games isn't doing nothing. Enjoy :)

Emily Boyd said...

Accidental sad tea. I've done accidental sad coffee before by forgetting which spoonful of sugar I was on...

At least, even if you spent more time in your room than anywhere else, you were away from home. That's something. I've never done that and spend most of my time hiding. I miss uni for that.

Coffee was always the first port of call at uni, just crappy instant, but I was usually in first swiftly followed by Lindsay, who was also commuting. So whoever was first put on the kettle and bought the milk before heading up to the workshop.

Despite being bad in social situations, I've never been more comfortable than working in the workshop, surrounded by people. I've regressed and badly since being away from there. The first couple of years were okay, I kept in touch via facebook etc, but then, gradually, I cut myself off from everyone.

Most of them are married and settled now, jobs, houses, kids.

And, it's okay to want to do nothing sometimes, but to be stagnating isn't.

David said...

It's sometimes difficult to maintain friendships. I've never been very good at it. A lot of the time I don't think it's worth the effort. But occasionally it is. Very much so.

I'd like to live on my own. I've never really done that. I shared a flat in Edinburgh. I did enjoy first year uni, staying in the Halls of Residence, even though I was living on Chocolate Hob Nobs and Kinder Buenos :) And mushroom pizza from this really grotty takeaway. But the food in the canteen was terrible! I had this chick pea curry one evening...I swear it was the worst thing I've ever put in my mouth :) About the only time I've ever seriously considered rebelling against the system :) The room was nice though. And private. With en-suite. I remember I used to fall asleep watching Frasier on my laptop. Good times :)

I'm glad we both had some good things about our uni experiences. I'm sure we could have been friends had we been at the same place. Gone for coffee :)

Emily Boyd said...

I find it really hard to maintain friendships, not because I don't want too, I just...well, let's say my brain/friend/communication interface doesn't work the way other peoples should.

In fact you're probably the only person outside my family and people from work I've talked too in forever.

I'd like to live on my own too, I love my family, don't get me wrong, but maybe if I was on my own, I'd force myself to move forward, be more social etc. Anyway, let's not start that conversation or my brain pan will implode.

The canteen food - though Louise may say otherwise - at uni wasn't bad. The again I ate soup from it most days. Soup, yoghurt covered banana chips and coffee. And on naughty days chips. Not very often but sometimes. And if anyone was ever sad they got a Freddo. Studio rules.

(Oh and en-suite, god I dream of the day when I don't have to share a bathroom!)

I'm sure we could have been friends too, you actually remind me of my friend, coincidentally called David. He came into our studio one day to visit his cousin and then we were just friends. He just started talking, hugged me goodbye and off he went!

Same happened with his twin brother John. Met him once and all of a sudden we're friends!

:) I wish I knew how to be like that! They were so social and happy and lovely and I'm just, so not that!

I think most people have given up on me now. Which I am neither surprised or angry about. I can't seem to communicate, so why should they keep trying?

Being a mental hermit sucks!

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