Thursday, 25 December 2014

On the 1st Day of Christmas ...

... this blogger gave to thee ...
... a corner shop made out of felt.

I have used a lot of felt this year. I got a little obsessed by the stuff. It's lovely and soft and pliable, it comes in a rainbow of bright colours and it doesn't fray, so no need for hemming (woohoo!). It is a wonderfully easy material to work with and never other than - in my opinion - a joy... or at least the pile of colour organised felt sheets I have in my room is, But the amount I've used pales in comparison to the wonderfully wacky work of Lucy Sparrow.

The textiles designer created an art installation within a corner shop in which all the items are made out of hand stitched felt, including the till.
Based in a derelict corner shop in Bethnal Green, London, Sparrow was helped by Kickstarter donations, to recreate all our favourite branded products to fill the shelves and cabinets of The Corner Shop. And while her goal was to raise two thousand pounds towards the art project, in the end Sparrow raise over ten, through goodwill gestures (though you could receive a key chain, postcard or cupboard essential depending on the donation), allowing her to create this installation.
Sparrow spent eighteen months handstitched over four hundred products to fill the shelves of The Corner Shop. Any item you would find in a local British corner shop resides there, packets of crisps, biscuits and cat litter.

Cans of soup, pasta and drinks. Bottles of milk, sweeties and toiletries. All recognisable brands recreated to bring back the integral hub of a community which are disappearing from the UK, since the rise of the supermarket.

As part of this project, Sparrow wanted to involve the community, organising sewing workshops for children and people with neurological disabilities to help engage those who may have felt excluded from the art world in the joy and crafting.
The Corner Shop, closed at the end of August 2014 but, if you fancy a fluffy chocolate flake, an absorbent copy of Cosmo or a can of foamy Coke, then Sparrow's shop is the place to go. The remaining stock is still being sold through her website below.

Or use it as inspiration. Felt is a great and easy medium to craft with, it's pliable, tactile and colourful. Who doesn't like that?

Link | Sew fantastic! via The Guardian
Link | First You Think [...] via Watson

Now, it's Christmas day... honestly how long did you make it with your family before your fingers were itching to get back online? Don't worry. I won't judge. Sometimes you need a little time to yourself on Christmas day.

Merry Christmas! Part two tomorrow...
Listening: Merry Christmas Everybody - Slade


David said...

Merry Christmas, Emily. So glad you're doing 12 days again. I would have missed it very much.

It's 11am and I'm back in my bedroom. Poor show, I know. I will get fed though. And given presents. Totally undeserved :)

Emily Boyd said...

Belated Merry Christmas, David.

Hope you had a lovely few days and some time off.

And of course I did my 12 days, it's time consuming and some of the days drive me nuts, but I like doing it and even when I'm MiA from blogging, I always plan on doing it.

Plus I know you like them and read them, as do my sisters, so I'll keep going, even on my quieter of blogging years.

Em x

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