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pantone spring 2015: en plein air {scuba blue}

Pushkar, India via Desert Dreamer on Tumblr
Succulent Succulent by Alan Shapiro on Fivehundredpx
58647264.IMG_0275_Kealakekua_bay_sandy_bottom_FocusFixer5 by cyranthus on Flickr
Sea Anemone On Pedernales Wreck In Aruba by Bob Hahn

In Pantone's Spring/Summer 2015 colours, blue seems to be featuring quite heavily. Scuba Blue 16-4725, being probably the brightest of all the colours of this year selections. But it's kind of a shoe in for Summer, it's the colour of the water from exotic beach holidays...

Scotland's water isn't that colour. It's blue, but it's not that blue. But it is pretty.
Carradale Bay Pano
This is the beach I have probably spent most time on during my life. It's not in a foreign country, it's not at the other end of the country, it's only a 160 miles away from where I live, but that beach probably holds more found memories than anywhere else.

Carradale Bay, near Campbeltown in Argyll, aka the west coast of Scotland. We spent a lot of family holidays here when I was little, and I don't just means my parents and sisters, I mean the whole family, both sets of grandparents and my uncle, to stay in the same little house, on the top of the hill which we'd more often than not have to walk up when we arrived as it was too steep for the car plus luggage, plus us. It had woods behind it, where I saw my first dragon flies and woods below, where my little sister fell off a tiny bridge into a burn and a few minutes walk down the road, Carradale Bay where we would spend hours (rain or shine) on the beach and in the water.

It may not be Scuba Blue 16-4725 and it might be colder and vaguely tainted by Paul McCartney's song Mull of Kintyre, but I remember being happy here.

This was also the place I first remember being curious about jewellery, after being take to the local jewellery workshop by my mum and dad. And still having this idyllic image of passionflowers growing up its front wall and the three tiny stacked rings my gran still wears.

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Link | Pushkar, India via Desert Dreamer on Tumblr (Pinterest)
Link | Succulent Succulent by Alan Shapiro on Fivehundredpx (Pinterest)
Link | 58647264.IMG_0275_Kealakekua_bay_sandy_bottom_FocusFixer5 by cyranthus on Flickr (Pinterest)
Link | Sea Anemone On Pedernales Wreck In Aruba by Bob Hahn via Fine Art America (Pinterest)
Link | Carradale Bay Pano by Steve on Flickr

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