Monday, 4 May 2015

pantone spring 2015: en plein air

Michael Healy Brass Bumblebee Door Knocker from Home Depot (via Pinterest)
Kiwi 2 by Myra and Matt (via Pinterest)
Lily Cole for British Vogue by Tim Walker (via Yellow Trace)
Seafoam Green by Teddy Meeks (via Pinterest)

It's one of my favourite colours, minty aquas and seafoam greens, anything from that colour range. They're the colour I reach for most often in nail polish, the colour of half my room, my bedsheets, too many of my handbags. It's not completely blue, but it's not green either, it limbos between the hues and there's just something about this colour group that I love.

Fortunately for me, it's also amongst Pantone's Fashion Colour Report for Spring 2015. I normally start being quite jaded (ba dum dum) by the colours we traditionally see in spring clothes wise. Suddenly - though not unexpectedly - the pastels emerge in the shops. Baby pinks, lilacs and chalky custards and blues. These, are not my colours.

But in amongst the En Plein Air ("in the open air") colours, of which these are traditional fodder, there is Lucite Green 14-5714, and along with a smattering of grey and forest greens, which are more promising, I think I could actually survive the fashion of summer 2015.

Plus, can I just state now, I want that door knocker! On the mint door of the one day home that's in my head, that beautiful bumblebee door knocker shall bee.

Link | Pantone's Fashion Colour Report for Spring 2015
Link | Michael Healy Brass Bumblebee Door Knocker from Home Depot (via Pinterest)
Link | Kiwi 2 by Myra and Matt on Flickr (via Pinterest)
Link | Lily Cole for British Vogue by Tim Walker via Yellow Trace
Link | SeaFoam Green by Teddy Meeks (via Pinterest)

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