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pantone spring 2015: en plein air {strawberry ice}

PANTONE 2015 via Blog Pixel Oats
Vintage Camera via Style Lover on Tumblr 
Anemone Coronaria, 2005 (CSL090) by Rob Van Dongen from Jackson Fine Art
Pink Things by Unknown on Etsy via Pinterest

We had four cats. Misty and Pepper, sister and brother, grey tabby chinchilla crosses and Dizzy and Gillespie, ginger/white brother and his classic tabby sister. Each was beautiful, crazy, idiotic little bundles of fluff with very distinct personalities. Dizzy, was the friendliest cat you could ask for, playful and a ruthless hunter who was a master of the locked cat flap and yowled to tell us when he'd come home. Pepper, aka Fatty, wasn't fat, he was big of fluff and missing of tooth, he liked to be sung too and didn't like peek-a-boo. Gillespie (Gilly) was tiny, stand-offish and when picked up looked like a flying squirrel. She was also in love with Pepper and would follow him anywhere.

Then there's Misty (Minnie), who was miss understood. For years we thought she was an angry cat, and to be fair, she kind of was to the other three. And while she was tolerant of the boys, she hated Gilly. I always loved her, we all did, despite her moods, but she probably got the most telling off's. However, something strange happened with Minnie, once we lost her brother and Gilly, she calmed down, she stopped hissing so much, stopped being angry and became a lump of soft grey and white fluff again. We kind of realised after that that sweet and innocent Gilly, was doing most of the mind tricks and bullying. Such as sleeping on the door mat in front of the cat flap so Minnie could neither get in or out of the house. When we lost Dizzy a year later, Misty was a totally different cat. She was calm and became a lap cat, seeking out heat and cuddles like a heat like a missile. She'd sleep on your chest, wrapped around like a scarf, padding at your clothes, at your own risk wear knitwear. She had a wet purr, a huge meow (she was a very chatty cat), she was funny, dribbled when she was happy and, the point of this little walk through memory lane, she had the most perfectly Strawberry Ice 16-1720 coloured nose.

But with Misty, it wasn't good enough to have a pink nose. You could tell her mood by the colour. It would start almost a white/grey to match her fur, but as you'd pet her, as she'd purr and became happy, her nose would turn pink.

It was the most perfect pink.

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Link | PANTONE 2015 via Blog Pixel Oats (Pinterest)
Link | Vintage Camera via Style Lover on Tumblr (Pinterest)
Link | Anemone Coronaria, 2005 (CSL090) by Rob Van Dongen from Jackson Fine Art (Pinterest)
Link | Pink Things by Unknown on Etsy via Pinterest

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