Sunday, 10 May 2015

pantone spring 2015: en plein air {toasted almond}

M: Jess by Candice Carlin on Flickr
COPIA_DSC4641 by maldonado photographs on Flickr via Pinterest
Gills. Shaugh Prior, Dartmoor, Devon, England by Ross Hoddinott via The Telegraph
Elephant via p-o-l-y-v-a-l-e-n-t Tumblr

I wish I had a better relationship with nude and neutral colours, but without fail, with my skintone, I either look grubby or like I'm blushing so hard, I've either done something very embarrassing or seen a very attractive man. It's just not a colour range which I seem to get away with.

But nudes and neutrals can look so attractive on so many people, and with so many other colours, I think a collection of colours excluding one or two would definitely be lacking.

Plus, I actually really love this Toasted Almond 14-1213 mood board. Never has a bulb of garlic looked quite so pretty and I love elephants and microfloral dresses. They remind me of the nineties and all the pretty micro floral dresses I wore with denim jackets and Doc Martins, before I went and developed boobs and hips and ceased wearing dresses bar very rare occasions.

Can't say I'm 100% happy that the nineties fashions have returned once more in 2015, but micro florals and denim jackets make up for me being barely born/too young during the era of grunge to really embrace it.

Link | Pantone Fashion Colour Report Spring 2015
Link | M: Jess by Candice Carlinon Flickr (Pinterest)
Link | COPIA_DSC4641 by maldonado photographs on Flickr via Pinterest
Link | Gills. Shaugh Prior, Dartmoor, Devon, England by Ross Hoddinott via The Telegraph (Pinterest)
Link | Elephant via p-o-l-y-v-a-l-e-n-t Tumblr (Pinterest)

Listening: Tea and Toast - Lucy Spraggan

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