Thursday, 31 December 2015

On the 7th Day of Christmas...

... this blogger gave to thee..
... seven shoes to choose from...
... six party frocks ...
... five gold rings!..
... four micro art forms...
... three tubby little cubbies...
... two fancy pens...
... and a lego man made of a tree.

It's day seven, we've got a selection of dresses to choose our favourite for New Years, now all we need is to pick a pair of probably painful, almost certainly impossible to walk in high heels.

And incidentally, if you're looking at the following high heels and thinking, they look totally manageable, I tip my hat to you. You're a better person than I.

So let's just dive in high end, and way to expensive for my pocket, end of the price scale, with a pair of Ted Baker Savenniers Suede High Heeled Court Shoes in Rose Gold, which are completely smothered in sequin scales. Which are pretty enough just to sit on a shelf as a piece of objet d'art and be occasionally slipped on, ached in and admired. Walking in them I'm sure would involve some kind of scaffolding for support and someone proceeding you as you walk with a street cleaner and hair-dryer to keep everything dry.
Okay, yesterday, I said I hated the return of all the nineties fashions and shoes were particularly bad. Jelly shoes are a serious no, but the return of the block heel, in the right situation, I'm actually all for. Who wouldn't want a little more support than your average heel gives? Plus, I still have somewhere my first pair of high block heeled boots, which needless to say, I never got to grips walking in, but I keep out of sentimentality. So if I thought I could walk in these gorgeous Pull&Bear Glitter Heeled Ankle Boots, I would wear them will all the dresses from yesterday or jeans or, you know, pyjamas. I'd just try and live in them.
Butterfly Printed Court Shoes from Zara, aren't they just beautiful? The print is really pretty and if the colour wasn't slightly muted with the greys, they could look garish, but they're just super cute and I'm a total sucker.
I'm also a total sucker for yellow shoes. Always have been, just like these Asymetric Stilettos in Mustard from Mango
See, to me, this is probably a manageable height of heel. Plus they're vintage looking and smothered in glitter... yeah, Pride in Your Stride Heel By Bettie Page from Modcloth, are probably another pair from this list I'd wear with everything, including pyjamas. Love them.
New Look's  Wide Fit Colour Block Court Shoe. okay, I know these are a little simple compared to the other shoes in my list, but, not only are they really pretty, if you're wearing a spangly dress, are you necessarily going to wear glittery shoes? It's like the rule of emphasising you legs or chest in a dress, but traditionally not both, or with makeup choosing to emphasis lips or eye, which, no one really follows, and why would you! Wear what you like, but in this instance, I'd wear this with at least three of yesterdays dresses, maybe even four of them, so don't knock simple.

Okay, so all that stuff about sometimes picking simpler shoes for a sparkly dress? Ignore me, WEAR ALL THE GLITTER!

I love these PIXIE Pointed High Heels from ASOS, and apart from them being smothered in glitter, it's actually the black piping around the top of the shoe I really like. To me, for some reason, even though these are full on silver glitter, the black makes them look much more sophisticated and wearable. I'd be tempted to buy these just to sit with them on a look at them, if they were still available in my size, which they are not.

So any favourite, or have I just gone too glitter mad this year?

Is it wrong that glitter makes me a little giddy?* 

Merry Christmas! Part eight tomorrow...

Link || Ted Baker Savenniers Suede High Heeled Court Shoes in Rose Gold Sequin from John Lewis
Link || Pull&Bear Glitter Heeled Ankle Boots from ASOS (also direct from Pull&Bear)
Link || Butterfly Printed Court Shoes from Zara
Link || Asymetric Stilettos in Mustard from Mango
Link || Pride in Your Stride Heel By Bettie Page from Modcloth
Link || New Look Wide Fit Colour Block Court Shoe from ASOS
Link || PIXIE Pointed High Heels from ASOS

* Disclaimer about this post, I think my laptop needs restarted and is being petulant and misbehaving, so if my typing's dropped out or seems to have gone wonky during this post, don't worry, my laptop's just a git.

Listening: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve ? - Ella Fitzgerald

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